Standard FAQs (11)

How do I make a reservation?

The best way to schedule your stay is to call the location and talk to the manager. They know best what is available and will do everything possible to make sure you have a suite available when you arrive.

When a guest checks in, we do not ask for a lease or even an exact time when they are leaving. You are welcome to stay as long as you like. (We do require a three day notice before leaving, though.) Our managers are well trained and experienced at making sure you have an Affordable Corporate Suite ready when you need it.

What are your floor plans?

Here are floor plans for each of our 3 different suites:




Do you require a lease?

No. When you check in, it is very similar to staying at a hotel. You fill out a registration card, pay for the suite (along with your security deposit) and you are given your key. It is that easy.

Your suite will be clean, the comforter on the bed will have been dry cleaned (yes, we dry clean EVERY comforter between guests), and fresh towels are in the bath. The kitchen will be ready for you to make yourself at home.

Do you allow pets?

Unfortunately we do NOT allow pets at our locations. In order to maintain an exceptionally clean and healthy environment in our rooms and on our properties, we have decided that is best not to allow pets.

Do you have any smoking suites?

No. Our entire company is a smoke-free facility. We do provide ample ashtrays outside.

Do you have a work-out room and/or a continental breakfast?

We appreciate the need to stay in shape. However, a hallmark of our business is keeping our rates affordable, we do not offer luxuries such as a work-out room or a continental breakfast. Each manager, however, can direct you to local gyms and restaurants.

Plus, each suite has full sized appliances in the fully furnished kitchen. So you can make your own breakfast… or a Thanksgiving dinner!

What do you mean when you say rooms are “fully furnished”?

Exactly that… we provide most of the things you will need while away from home. The living room has a large TV with a DVD player. The kitchen has pots and pans, silverware and cooking utensils, plates and glasses, a full-sized stove and refrigerator (not a little dorm-sized ‘fridge) and a microwave.

The bathroom has towels, washcloths and bath mats.

The bedroom has a separate TV, queen-sized bed with all linens and pillows, alarm clock, iron and ironing board.

So, bring your clothes and food and you are set!

What type of people stay there?

That is a difficult question to answer. We have professionals, managers, medical personnel, engineers, mechanics, clergy. Our guests cover the entire range of diverse people that make up America. It is easier to tell you who does NOT stay with us.

As each location has a resident manager, they treat it like home. No loud parties. No one stands on the balcony without a shirt drinking beer, there is no working on cars in the parking lot. Each of our properties are clean, comfortable and safe and well lit. All at the best rate anywhere!

Is it quiet and in a nice neighborhood?

Yes. When a property is developed, we look for locations that are close to existing residential neighborhoods. That gives each location more of an apartment community feel than a “motel” environment.

Additionally, a resident manager at each location maintains a safe, quiet and comfortable property.

Do you have rooms with two beds or two bedrooms?

All suites are equipped with one queen-sized bed. Two adults can stay in a suite. Several of our rooms do have a sleeper sofa; however, these rooms are still set up for just two adults.

How many people can stay in a room?

Two adults. Each suite is equipped with one queen-sized bed that will accommodate up to one couple. There are no provisions for additional people per suite. (Health codes in most areas require a bed for all people who stay in a rental unit. Therefore, sleeping on a sofa, air mattress or floor is not allowed.)